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Building a Culture of Respect Symposium
I am pleased to announce that Eric Ellis, President/CEO of Integrity Development Corporation, will be . . .
Grades 3-10 Science Textbook Adoption Open House
The Northwest Local School District will be hosting an Open House for . . .
Conference Reschedule
Attention Parents, if your conference was scheduled for March 5 2015, they have been rescheduled for March19th. You will still have the same scheduled time as on the 5th.
Dear Parents,

Last year, the Ohio State Legislature passed a new law regarding school calendars. As a result, public schools are no longer required to have a minimum number of student days. The new law now requires a minimum number of hours for high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. The minimum number of hours vary according to the grade span of the school.

All of the Northwest Local School District schools are in session well above the state minimum of hours. As a result, even though we have missed eight days of schools as well as three 2-hour delays, we will not be required to make up any school days. As it currently stands, June 4 will still be the last student day for the 2014-2015 school year.

Andrew Jackson
BEGINS March 2, 2015
Ohio State Legislature passed a new law regarding school calendars
Last year, the Ohio State Legislature passed a new law . . .
Spelling Bee Champions 2015
Congratulations to Ellena Burgin and Catherine Vu for being the Co-Champions of the 2015 MHE Spelling Bee.
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